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15 May 2009 @ 04:35 am
I've recently checked in a drawing rehab concluding that I can't let my awful drawing continue any longer and that I have to get it together. It took me long enough but I realize that drawing's all I've got and that my whole future depends on it. Crappy drawing is crappy and would only incur humiliation from the viewer. It's a bit depressing though; I took an Anatomy subject twice (flunking it the first time) and yet I realize I didn't learn anything. I wasted those years in college only to realize now that I haven't learned how to draw correctly. I know the terminologies and stuff, like the 8-heads measurement (which other professors say is inaccurate for us Filipinos 'cause we're small..) and foreshortening, the skeletal and muscular systems, center of gravity, etc, etc. I know all those but I haven't applied any of it to my drawings and draw according to how I want it to look, not mindful of its accuracy to the real thing. Maybe it is true.. maybe being exposed to anime blurred my view on correct anatomy. I can, however, still argue that anime artists do in fact take anatomy into account, and that they've mastered it before being able to draw those exaggerated poses and un-proportioned body parts. Anime is just famous for it's trademark extreme unrealism (is that a word?) and that why it garnered criticisms but I do think that those artists should have an ample amount of knowledge regarding the accepted standards of anatomy before adding their own flair into it. With that in mind, I can't consider my being exposed to anime while I was growing up to be the reason why I'm struggling with drawing right now; it's all my fault for insisting everything should be how I want them to be.

In a way.... I am like Nodame. Hmm. I didn't give a shit about how things should be done until I realize that I can't go on doing everything my way. And according to a professor of mine, we don't draw for our selves--we draw for the audience and they have to appreciate it for it to be considered as an art. Hmm. :ponders:

So now I'm going back to basics--I'm re-learning how to draw all over again. I completely ditched my "own style" since it only involves the head and nothing more. I control myself not to draw any detailed busts/heads at the moment and focus on full-body drawings, applying the points given by Mr. Loomis (c/o Nine-san. Thanks.) As much as I want to take things slowly, I somehow want to be "geared up" for the incoming term which is a few weeks from now, so I have until then to do this.

When I'm through with this or when I can decently draw people I'll draw man-pr0n. I'm not kidding. It's the first in my list of "things-I-want-to-draw-but-can't-because-of-my-fscking-crappy-drawing" (long title) and actually one of the things that pushed me to re-learn all this. ..since I....attempted to do one before and it was...."horrible" is an understatement. O____O;;

Gah. It's already 4am!! Sleep before study (only applicable during break). Dewa matta!
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30 April 2009 @ 12:37 pm
Eating risotto for lunch.. and maybe until dinner since I cooked too much..

Aa.. I'm here because I'm just so happy to be able to cook this right! After the failed attempt last Tuesday I didn't feel like trying it again but I was so hungry and I couldn't find anything else to eat. D:

This isn't completely correct though. I got the desired consistency down, even the flavor (just the right amount of cheese) but I didn't use arborio and the rice was already cooked. Also, I used water (with some powdered spices) instead of vegetable/chicken stock and normal cheese instead of parmigiano-reggiano. :/ Yeah.. I still have to have another go at this, hopefully using the right ingredients, especially the rice since I skipped a lot from the standard procedure because of that.

I don't care right now though! It's tasty and I like it~!! XD

Err, yeah. I'm here just for that. Dunno.. I was just really happy.... :<

Agh. The sausages are spicy!! Ate a black pepper corn!! -coughs-

Sms-ing with resphoina right now. Power to you!! XD

Gah. Spicy..... -tears up-
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29 October 2008 @ 03:17 pm
Kept on typing "Cibfussi" as my username.

Kiiro-san is being noisy.. as usual.

My eyes are tired of flashy lights but I still can't stop watching episode 25.

I still can't draw right.

I can't access Deviantart for two weeks now.

No one will win in the Ranka Lee vs. Sheryl Nome war.. because Alto is the fairest of them all. (See: Triangler OP)

Nakajima Megumi is (half) Pinoy. I really like her voice.

Nakabayashi May (May'n) is a year younger than Nakajima which is surprising (to me) given her lower (and more mature?) voice.

I warmed up to her voice mid-series and is now on equal footing with Nakajima.

Are the creators really OC or it's just a coincidence that both their surnames starts with "Naka" and their initials are both "N.M."?

Finally, to top off to their OCness celebrate their 25th anniversary, the creators inserted the number '25' into every possible detail in the show: Macross Frontier - 25th colonization ship, Alto's Valkyrie - VF-25 Messiah, Macross Quarter(.25), Ended at episode 25 on September 25.

See you next Deculture.
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I hear: Nakajima Megumi - Anata no Oto
24 September 2008 @ 03:16 am
Wow. It's been a looooooooooong time since I last posted here. *thinks of something to type about*

Ah. I got nothing. Well. Bye.
28 October 2007 @ 01:07 am
別れ、別れ. 私は再びいつかあなたに会うことを望みます。