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19 May 2009 @ 09:58 pm
Prophetic Vision  
It was pretty stupid of me to watch Paranoia Agent right before I go back to school. Now I'll be thinking of this for a month. :/

That aside, Paranoia Agent was brilliant. It may be confusing at times but if you take time to absorb it all it will eventually make sense. :) It may require another watch-thru though but I can't do that since I don't want to obsess over it that much and I have to have a clear mind right now as much as possible.

This is bold of me to say and I am sorry for those who might be offended by this statement but I'd absolutely pick Paranoia Agent over Evangelion in terms of mindfscking. -ducks from progressive knives thrown by NGE fans-

You still reading? I'll try to be as coherent as possible.

The story begins when the famous character designer Sagi Tsukiko was attacked when she was on her way home one night. It left her with a fractured leg and was hospitalized for a few days. Two detectives took up the case; Ikari Keiichi and Maniwa Mitsuhiro (kyaa~!) and they started off by interrogating the victim as to what happened. She was obviously still traumatized by the incident and wasn't saying anything, so the two tantei decide to try another day.

Sagi was finally released and went back to work. Because her case was headline news, Kawazu Akio, a tabloid writer, decides to ride the waves of popularity and write about it and was able to get to Sagi. Despite his appearance, he seems to be very keen on little details and displays this by pointing out a few things he gathered while looking into the case, such as the fact that Sagi was alone that night and nobody saw her being approached by someone prior, or the fact that before the whole thing took place she was nearing a deadline she could not meet. Using the words repeated throughout the series: "How nice it would be for it all to go away". When Kawazu said that, Sagi was obviously struck. The next few scenes shows her relaying new info to the two detectives, mainly a drawing of the oppressor and other details not in the drawing such as colors. Frustrated by this being their only lead, Ikari wanted to squeeze more from the girl and was leaning towards the possibility that it was all made up.

Outside Sagi's circle, her oppressor, who's now aptly named Li'l Slugger or Shounen Bat for the Japanese version, is gaining popularity. Ironically, as he gains popularity his next victim, Taira Yuuichi, slowly and painfully loses his popularity and spot as "Number One" or "Ichi" which is his nickname. He was thought to be Li'l Slugger because of his numerous similarities with what the media has so far told regarding the case, such as his inline skates and cap. Taira thinks that what was happening to him was just a tactic by Ushiyama Shougo, a recent transferee as he, too, was running for student council presidency. Taira's situation worsens which is depicted nicely by his poster being graffitied on (?) as time passes. It culminates when he was walking home with Ushi one day, the other offering to accompany him home. While Ushi tries to console him and tells him that he was similar to Taira and it was the reason why he transferred, Taira retorted that he is in no way similar to Ushi and wishes for him to be hit by Li'l Slugger and catch him while he's busy with Ushi thinking this way he'll gain back his popularity. It did happen but Taira was unable to catch up and was left with Ushi which would strengthen everyone's suspicions regarding him. He retreats in his house and wants to escape from this mess. The next scene is the first amongst the many confusions this show gave me: Taira was hit on the head by Li'l Slugger right in his room.

I could go on and summarize the next episodes as well but.. I'm feeling tired. I just finished it, see? I'm still in the process of digesting it.

Now I'm tempted to watch Serial Experiments Lain (since many has suggested that, along with Paranoia Agent, as stories similar to Paprika).

Rrg. It's all Paprika's fault. :/

Anyway, this is now one of my favorite anime. Definitely. Watch it too, if you have the time. It's only 13 episodes! I began yesterday and stopped at episode 09 (since it was already 5 in the morning) and resumed awhile ago; it's that addictive.

I may have to watch it again sometime though. There are still some things that confuses me. I also have to warn you, if ever you'll be attached to any of the other characters aside from Ikari, Maniwa (kyaa~!!), Sagi, and Li'l Slugger, prepare to be left in the air as to what happened to them. Spoilerish but only these four's "endings" were shown. Oh! I forgot Kawazu. Yeah, his "ending" was shown too but aside from those people, everyone else's fate is up to the viewer.

Maniwa rocks!! DX Go Radar Man!! XD (If you watch this, you'll get what I mean but.. I'm not sure if you'll have the same high regard for him as me. XD)

Finally! If your feeling of fear is the same as mine (I'm afraid of the weirdest things which to most aren't scary at all) then watch this during the day. I'm a masochist and watched this at night and when I went to sleep my dream [unsurprisingly] consisted of fragments of the opening credits and scenes from various episodes. Nonetheless, I love the OP and this series as well. Give it a try! You might like it too. :D And then maybe we could talk about it.. since I want to discuss it with someone real bad...... :|
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