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19 May 2009 @ 10:02 pm
Speaking of Paprika.. And pimping my multiply acct as well.  
My Multiply account desu.

Paprika's another work by Satoshi Kon and the reason why I watched Paranoia Agent. I watched Paprika first, had my mind blown and went to watch Paranoia Agent (since I can't find Millenium Actress which was actually the next in my list to watch)

Rarrgh. I'm still.... wracking my brains over PA. :/

Oh, resphoina-san, you might want to watch this since your favorite seiyuu is here and she happens to play a very important role too. :D

ああ~ I wonder if there's a Li'l Slugger/Shounen Bat in our reality as well??
I feel: blahblah